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As a comic book creator I believe it is important to learn as much as possible about the craft of making comics. This includes not only the obvious parts like writing and illustrating, but also one of the most often over looked elements -- lettering. What I didn't expect is exactly how much I would love the lettering process.

From font selection to sound effects design to balloon placement, I've learned a lot about writing comics by learning how to letter them. If you are an aspiring writer, I highly recommend learning the basics of comic book lettering, even if you have no desire to ever professionally letter a book. It will change the way you think about your scripts as you write them, and the letterers you work with in the future will appreciate your familiarity with their craft.

Below are a few of my lettering samples. If you are in the need of a letterer for your project, or just want to talk shop, you can contact me here. 

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